We take pride in making  pies with passion. All pies individual or catering have the love and care

that only a pie fanatic can give.

 Here at Kevin's pies we like you to get the same experience that we hope to get whenever we eat a pie.


if you would like to try a pie or if you would like to sell our products

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sensation is moments away








Individual Pies & Family Pies Size for 4 people


Steak & Potato -               £2.00p / £5.00p

Steak & Ale -                     £2.00p  / £5.00p                        

Steak & Black Puddiing - £2.00p / £5.00p

Steak in Red Wine -          £2.00p / £5.00p

Steak & Stilton -                £2.00p / £5.00p

Mince Beef & Onion -        £2.00p / £5.00p


Minted Lamb - £2.00p / £5.00p


Chicken & Mushroom - £2.00p / £5.00p

Chicken & Roast Ham - £2.00p / £5.00p

Chicken & Chorizo -      £2.00p / £5.00p


Game                £2.50p

Rabbit -             £2.50p

Venison -          £2.50p

Water Buffalo - £2.50p


Country Vegetable -    £2.00p / £5.00p


Topped Pies All £2.00p

Black Dag - Chicken, Pork & Black Pudding

Huntsman - Chicken, Pork & Stuffing

Poachers - Chicken, Pork, Sweet Pickle & Stilton

Gardeners - Chicken, Pork, Stuffing & Apple

Wendsleydale - Chicken, Pork, Sweet Pickle & Wedsleydale


Individual, Medium & Family size

Quiches & Tarts

Bacon & mushroom -             £1.20p / £2.50p / £3.50p

Chicken and  Bacon -             £1.20p / £2.50p / £3.50p

Goats Cheese & Red Onion - £1.20p /£2.50p / £3.50p

Tomato, Cheese & Onion -     £1.20p / £2.50p / £3.50p

Goats Cheese & Spinach -     £1.20p / £2.50p / £3.50p



Pork Pies

Individual -                 £1.20p

1 Pound pork pie's - £3.50p

Large Hunters - Pork, Chicken & Stuffing Topped £4.50p

Individual Game pie - £2.50p

Large Game -            £4.50p


we also make a 2 pound pork pie special for Christmas

Slices, Pasties & Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls  8" Jumbo -     £1.20p

Pork and Tomato sausage rolls -            £1.50p

Sheffield Sausage Roll with Hendo's Rellish - £1.50


Cornish Pasty -               £2.00p

Cheese & Onion Pasty - £1..20p

Steak Bake -                     £1.20p

Chicken Bake -                 £1.20p

Sausage Turnover -         £1.20p


Tray Bake Pie's all £13.20p

Steal & Potato

Chicken & Mushroom

Vegetarian Country Veg




Family Fruit  & Desert pies

Rhubarb Pie -     £2.50p

Apple Pie -          £2.50p


Rhubarb & Apple Crumble - £2.50p

Apple & Blackberry Crumble -      £2.50p


Eccles Cakes (pack of 4) -  £2.00p



Hand Made Scotch Eggs

All Free Range

Free Range Duck Scotch Eggs - £2.00p

Natural -               £1.50p

Tomato & Galic - £1.50p

Black Pudding -   £1.50p

Catering Pies

Most pies are available in a catering pie. The size for 12 people, these are a deep dish pie with our thick buttery short crust paistry lid on top only

 We only use local British beef, free range chicken, British lion eggs, most pies are cased in our buttery shortcrust pastry (uniquely fantastic) and we use ale from local brewers unless you request  specials like say Black Sheep


We will make a Bespoke party size pie JUST FOR YOU and deliver it for your function